2023 Ella Holtzen Memorial Art and Tolerance Week Essay Contests Winners

2023 Winner Charlotte Peterson

Charlotte Peterson is the winner of the Ella Holtzen Memorial Art Contest for 2023.  She is a 7th grader at North Middle School.  Her teacher is Jim Bravo.

Josue Rodriguez is the winner of the Tolerance Week Essay Contest for 2023.  He is an 8th grader at South Sioux City Middle School.  Her teacher is Lori Singer.


2023 Essay Winner Josue Rodriguez

Value Within
By Josue Rodriguez

The morning wind, how cold it blew.
The person behind you is new.
But even in morning dew,
Do you hold the door for two?

A new voice is heard.
It speaks a fair point.
But who is this person?
Should it really matter who, to you?

When a person walks past,
How do you judge?
By gender or race,
Or by the look on their face?

The new kid at school,
Do you ask him his past?
Or do you make an assumption,
Based on his class?

Imagine a world where these
questions have one answer.
The ideas we could think.
The things we could make.

So will you help me tear
Down the walls of opinion, race,
And gender to see
What lies within?










Hope Wagner was awarded an Honorable Mention for her art entry.  She is a student at West Middle School.  Her teacher is Holly McManigal.

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