Tolerance Week event changes announced as work on the Railcar Holocaust Exhibit continues

During this important transition year for Tolerance Week, the schedule will look a little different from past years.  Unfortunately, Terezin Camp Survivor Inge Auerbacher is currently unable to travel due to persistent back and leg pain.  Please keep her in your prayers.   Ms. Auerbacher was scheduled to talk to eighth-grade students and be the evening speaker for a public event on Wednesday, May 4th.

Instead, eighth-grade students from Sioux City Community Schools, Vermillion Middle School, St. Augustine, Holy Cross, Hinton Middle School, Siouxland Christian, and Sergeant Bluff will travel to the Sioux City Orpheum Theatre on Wednesday, May 4th to see the film Nicky’s Family.

Winners of the Tolerance Week essay contest and Ella Holtzen Memorial Art Contest, their teachers, and families will attend an awards dinner.

No other events are scheduled this year. We look forward to field trips and other events in 2023 at the Holocaust Rails Exhibit at the Sioux City Railroad Museum.

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