Tolerance Week Essay Winners

6th grader Kelsey Maguire from Blessed Sacrament School entered the contest on her own.

Winners of the Tolerance Week Art and Essays contests were announced Wednesday, April 3 at the Orpheum Theatre. Essay contest, two winners:

Elyssa Ysquierdo, South Sioux City Middle School, and her teacher Lindsay Noteboom.

Kelsey Maguire, Holy Cross–Blessed Sacrament. Kelsey entered the contest on her own.

The winning essays are:

Courage by Elyssa Ysquierdo

South Sioux City Middle School

Courage is having the guts to attempt anything you want to. Courage can be very different for everyone. For some people it’s trying a new sport. For others it’s telling themselves “I’m going to get out of bed, go out into the world, and do something great!” Doing what someone told themselves they could do is courage. Bringing up a grade, being responsible, making a new friend, or being the best you can be are all great examples of it. Most of the great things in life come from courage. If someone was all alone some people might think, “That person is weird I’m not going to talk to them.” But you could go the other direction and say one word. Say “Hi.” That one word could make something wonderful. At that moment you may have met your best friend. For all you know you know you may be saying “I do” to he or she one day. And you could be watching little feet run around. Those feet were created by you. You’d watch the same process happen with your children as you grow old with your best friend. Your happiness came from courage. Courage is a huge part of life. Don’t ever let it slip away.

Courage For All by Kelsey Maguire

Grade 6, Holy Cross – Blessed Sacrament

I can stand up and face my fears;

I have courage beyond my years.

I hope people can hear what I have to say;

And maybe they can keep their fears at bay.

If to myself I am true,

I won’t have anything to rue.

For if I refuse wrong from right;

The future will seem very bright.

I can make a difference in someone’s life;

By helping them through strife.

I’ll stand strong through mysteries unknown;

And I’ll see everything I have grown.

I have faith to believe in myself and others;

And I also believe in my sisters and brothers.



Elyssa Ysquierdo with her teacher Lindsay Noteboom, South Sioux City Middle School and judge Bruce Miller
South Sioux City Middle School


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