The 2019 Tolerance Week Art and Essay Contest

This years theme is “I am the Witness”  Most of the area’s middle and high school students have met a Holocaust Survivor and heard their stories.  Some of you have met Auschwitz Survivor Philip Gans and some of you have met Terezin Survivor Inge Auerbacher.  It is now your job to be the witnesses to the persecution and murder of Jews and others in Europe during World War II.  The holocaust survivors will not be around much longer or able to travel and talk to students.  So in words or art, show how you will be the witness to the horrors of the holocaust and make sure their stories do not die with them.

The contests are open to middle and high school students.  Essays are limited to 400 words or less. Artwork size is limited to 11”x 14” or smaller. In addition to art and essays, other forms of expression will be accepted. The contest winners will be announced at the Wednesday evening event at the Orpheum Theatre. Entries are due at the end of the day on Wednesday, April 3. Email to [email protected] or drop at 1922 Pierce Street. Entries must include student and teacher’s names, grade, school and email addresses.

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