Paper Clips Principal Linda Hooper to Headline Main Event



It was the film “Paper Clips” that inspired the first Tolerance Week events in 2005.  The Weiners saw the film and were so moved by its message that they felt it was essential viewing, but as it was a small documentary, they knew the odds were against it playing in Sioux City. It was thus that they arranged for the film to be shown at the Orpheum for the public and again the next morning to area 8th grade students.  Additionally, Auschwitz Survivor Philip Gans was flown in to speak after each showing to further support the importance of the film’s message of understanding.

This year, we have invited the retired principal of Whitwell Middle School in Tennessee where the Paper Clips Children’s Holocaust Memorial is located.  We will show a shortened version of Paper Clips and Mrs. Hooper will speak.
Terezin Camp Survivor Inge Auerbacher will be back in Sioux City during Tolerance Week, April 8-12 to speak to students in the schools.  

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